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Personal Background

When I am not up in this perch (or is that: out on this limb?) I am a computer professional, working in western Washington State, USA (between the two Vancouvers). The job, however, is only a small part of any individual. I think sometimes we use what we "do" far too much to define what or who we "are". 

My schooling, training and/or experience covers a huge range: anthropology (the degree), large computer systems operations and applications support, mainframe and PC software testing (but no coding), telephone operator, service quality control, psychology, environmental science, marine biology / oceanography tech, cab driving, bill collections (yuck!), fast food (the American teenage rite of passage), sailing charters, public relations, advertising, marine equipment sales, office management, inventory control, "alternative" healing, Massage Therapy (Licensed Massage Practitioner) and a touch of epidemiology. Hmmm. I know I must have left out at least half... the list will grow - hopefully until my time on the planet is done. When we stop learning, we may as well stop breathing.

As for personal history, I have lived in many places in my 55-plus years, most of them in the first half of my life: Spain, Germany, and in the USA - Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, Mississippi, California, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington State. 

I've lived in houses, apartments, campers, tents - and on boats for 10 years. Age seems to have settled me somewhat, although I still enjoy travel ranging from spontaneous road trip adventures to the full-fledged intercontinental trek. I settled in the Pacific Northwest because I love big trees, big green, big rocks, big water (i.e., wooded wilderness, mountains, salt and fresh water)... tolerance, cultural diversity and SEASONS. The first time I saw it here, I knew I was "home". I even love our infamous rain! I live in a small town and suffer a brutal commute into a Big City for career necessities. 

Enjoy your life... walk in Balance... be true to what's important to you... else, what's the point?

Anna Eule 


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