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Owls are relatively light for their apparent size, and so can glide easily. Combined with their specialized softly fringed feathers, this allows them to fly silently.

Their ears are asymmetrical (left one larger and lower) to enable them to triangulate sound very accurately; they can hunt by sound alone. Unlike nearly all other animals, they do not hear best in their own vocal tonal range, but instead have ears that are adapted to higher-frequency sounds (the rustling of leaves, the squeaks and chewing sounds rodents make).

An owl can see in up to one hundred times less light than humans need. Their binocular vision and specialized eyes give them very accurate depth perception and extremely acute vision. They are superb hunters that help to keep rodent populations in balance.

In most owls, the males and females are colored similarly and are hard to tell apart, except that the females are usually larger.

Screech Owls have been known to wade into streams to fish.

Great Horned Owls are the first birds to mate and nest in the year - by mid-February they will be incubating their eggs. They have been known to attack even eagles, driving them from their nests to use for themselves.

Owls are thought to be monogamous, but even so are rarely seen together. They are very solitary birds.



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