The Owl in Celtic Mythology: Blodeuwedd

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The story of Blodeuwedd includes love, betrayal, magic, heroes, villains and adventure. Blodeuwedd is a woman who was magically fashioned out of flowers as a wife for a man who had been cursed to have no wife of human flesh. 

The forced marriage is loveless, and eventually she falls in love with another man. She and her lover plot the death of her husband, and run away together. The murdered husband is magically brought back to life and hunts Blodeuwedd down.

 As punishment for her faithlessness and murder, she is turned into an owl. Curiously, she is not executed since her actions were considered not entirely her fault - she was never given the choice of a husband, or even asked if she wanted to be a woman.

The story is much longer and is a beautiful telling of an old Celtic tale. I hope to have it here in a longer version one day.

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