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There are many different kinds of bodywork available today. Ann selects from several styles to address the client's need at the time of the session, so no two bodywork sessions will be identical. Below are descriptions of the three techniques that are Ann's specialties.
Swedish Massage...  
is the most commonly practiced bodywork modality in the West. Long, gliding strokes (effleurage) or rhythmical, kneading strokes (petrissage) form the basis of the sessions. Three other strokes are also included in this system - friction, vibration, and tapping. Swedish Massage sessions are designed to produce relaxation and increase circulation, which helps the body flush out toxins and bring fresh nutrients to the tissues. In addition, it can be used for stimulation, rehabilitation, and recovery from strains and trauma. The client generally receives Swedish Massage unclothed on a padded table (underwear may be left on if desired). The body is draped with a sheet and only the part being massaged will be exposed. Oil or lotion is applied to facilitate the rhythmical, gliding motion.
is a Japanese word that means "universal life force". It is a method of natural healing designed to strengthen a person's absorption of universal life energy. The technique is non-manipulative and works with or without touch, as necessary. It balances and aligns the body's energy and energy field, systematically teaches people how to access and use universal energy for stress management and personal growth, and helps the body, mind, emotions, and spirit regain balance. Practitioners serve as a conduit to universal life energy and may transmit it directly by giving hands-on treatments or by conducting it through distance healing. One way to describe the hands-on sessions is as sacred touch. Sessions are given with the recipient being clothed and consist of a series of hand positions that begin at the head and systematically work toward the feet. A pressureless touch with no movement or stroking is used. Recipients find the sessions to be calming and nurturing. 
Polarity Therapy...
combines Western and Eastern (Ayurvedic) principles of healing. The aim is to balance negative and positive poles of electrical energy in the body. Dr. Randolph Stone, the originator of Polarity Therapy, believed that "universal energy" flowed in specific patterns between negative and positive electrical poles both inside and outside the body. These patterns consist of vertical currents and horizontal zones that are positive, neutral, and negatively charged. Polarity Therapy works to restore the flow in places where it has become blocked or to dissipate energy in areas where there is too much. Generally the technique is gentle, non-invasive and nurturing, but sometimes deeper pressure may be used. Sessions are performed on a massage table, with the client clothed. Ann uses Maruti Seidman's Polarity Balancing techniques. 



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